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The Lakeview Shepherd Center was founded in 1977 to serve the senior population of New Orleans. It is a community center that promotes the wellness of mind body and spirit. We offer a variety of exciting mental and physical activities that emphasize cognitive well being and promote the fostering of personal connections.


The center is catered to seniors looking to enjoy recreational activities such as Watercoloring, Mosaics and personalized projects that they can work on daily. Crafts are designed to meet individualized needs and we welcome all skill levels.


In addition to our arts courses we also offer flexibility classes such as Chair yoga and Tai Chi. These courses promote a healthy lifestyle that are both challenging and rewarding for seniors. These classes go at the individual's pace and are a fun way of getting to know new people. 


The center also offers computer, cell phone and social media classes that seek to help seniors foster connections with the surrounding area. We encourage all seniors to bring their devices into the center if possible and our instructors are there to walk you through the steps if you are a beginner or show you new ways to use technology you may already be familiar with.


We also have local artists and writers perform and share their work which allows for a great deal of culture and entertainment.


Here at the Lakeview Shepherd Center we are a family. The seniors that come through our doors are treated with kindness and compassion. We welcome the opportunity of getting to know you, so come by and take the tour. You have a group of wonderful people waiting to meet you.

Board of Directors:

President - Thomas Krentel

Vice President - Louise Cragin

Secretary -

Treasurer - Sue Hall

Nancy Click

Marie Kaposchyn

Gary Krasnow

Alisha Owens

Pam Pontipoddan

Sr. Angele Marie Sadlier

Patrick Schoen


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