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Get to Know Us

The Lakeview Shepherd Center is a nonprofit organization  founded in 1977 to serve the senior population of New Orleans. 

The Shepherd Center was established through a collaboration of churches, agencies, civic organizations, and local families in the Lakeview area who recognized a need to enhance the lives of the elderly and to provide them with quality services. 


According to the AARP Public Library Institute’s 2023 Report, The State of Social Isolation Among Older Adults, “For the increasing number of older adults facing social isolation and food insecurity, senior centers are becoming essential lifelines. These centers offer more than just meals and activities; they provide a sense of community, belonging, and purpose that can significantly improve the quality of life for our seniors, reduce healthcare costs, and delay the need for long-term care." 


The decision to hire at-home care or place a senior family member in a care facility is difficult and expensive. For many of our clients, the center serves as an affordable option that allows them and their families a little more time before needing to take that step. The Center not only provides a few hours of respite for caregivers, but also supports and encourages elderly who are working to maintain independence and combat social isolation.


As the elderly population increases, the need for places like the Lakeview Shepherd Center increases as well. And since the Covid-19 pandemic, many seniors have suffered rapid physical and mental decline. The impact of the pandemic has served as a painful but powerful reminder of the value of our services to the senior community. Through our programs, we continue to work diligently to combat the isolation and loneliness that so many seniors feel. 

Board of Directors

President - Thomas Krentel
Vice President - Louise Cragin
Secretary - Alisha Owens
Treasurer - Sue Hall

Nancy Click
Gary Krasnow
Pam Pontipoddan
Sr. Angele Marie Sadlier
Patrick Schoen


Louise Saenz - Director
Darold Murrell - Activites Coordinator
Shannon Sharpe - Activities Coordinator
Alexander Wallace - Programs and Administration Coordinator

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