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What We Offer
Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese tradition that is practiced as a graceful form of exercise. It involves a series of movements performed in a slow, focused manner and accompanied by deep breathing and used for stress reduction and to increase balance and strength. Often described as meditation in motion, Tai Chi promotes serenity through gentle, flowing movements

Chair Yoga

Chair yoga is one of the gentlest forms of yoga available, a unique yoga style that adapts yoga positions and poses through creative use of a chair. Poses are done seated on the chair or the chair is used for support during standing and balance poses. The chair allows for greater stability to help you feel supported and safe. Poses are modified so that even those with health restrictions, decreased range of motion, and physical challenges, can enjoy the benefits of a more traditional practice. Emphasis will be on breathing, balance, and taking things at your own pace. Chair Yoga is suitable for all ages, fitness levels and physical conditions, beginners are welcomed

Shepherd Strength and Balance

Shepherd's Strength is a weekly class that develops core strength, upper and lower body muscular strength, and overall conditioning, with a focus on improving balance. This class can help prevent slip and fall injuries, build stability and coordination, increase strength, and improve posture. Movements learned in class can be applied to the outside world to assist with daily movement and mobility. Led with props and encouragement, members can expect to gain confidence, feel independent, and move unassisted.

Technology Support

Fear technology no longer!  Embrace the future with your chosen device, be it a laptop, phone, or tablet. A group of us answer any new questions or concerns that should arise and learn how to effortlessly navigate the sea's of social media, email, internet searching, and phone apps.  In no time at all the technology that once made you feel stumped will become like second nature to you. 

Current Events

Current events is a discussion based group made up of members from the Shepherd Center. The topics and discussions are driven by the interests of the group. Each week we decide together what we will discuss, usually something straight out of the daily newspaper. The group enjoys free flowing ideas and opinions and a positive and non judgmental atmosphere. 


Bridge, officially known as contract bridge, is one of the world’s most popular card games. Come join us as we learn how to improve our technique and have fun playing this enthralling game. No experience is required.

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